Why You Can Never Stick to Your Diet

Can't stick to your diet

Why you Never Stick to Your Diet Plan

Do you struggle to stick to your diet and are you fed up of yo-yo dieting? You just want to live a diet-free lifestyle, right? Well, here’s why you never stick to your diet…

But first I’d like to tell you about the time I went to dinner with a Count and Countess. And yes it is related to why you never stick to your diet. I know you’re super eager to know the answer to this question but who doesn’t like a bit of a story?

At a Posh London Hotel

So to set the scene, I’d been invited to a friend’s 40th birthday dinner at a very upmarket Hotel in Covent Garden London. You know the kind of place where you buy two drinks at the bar and try to stay calm when you see the price.

‘How MUCH?’ you hear yourself say in your head as you smile sweetly at the bartender and know you’re staying sober tonight.

The non-alcoholic drinks were pretty expensive too, so I was going home thirsty as well.

Anyway, my friend was very nervous and so keen for everyone to have a great time. He’d planned everything in meticulous detail from the 4-course menu, wine (hmm, maybe I wasn’t going home completely sober’), decorations and seating arrangements.

And, how fabulous it this? Halfway through we were all treated to a movie in the hotel’s private cinema – The Devil Wears Prada, that’s how long ago this was. Naturally, popcorn was supplied.

Dinner with the Count

Now just as we’re about to go down to eat, the Count calls up to tell the host he’s running late, and by the way, he’s on a strict cabbage soup diet and would it be possible for the kitchen to adjust the menu for him? What a complete w*****.

I had the misfortune to be on the same table as him. Every time a course was served he’d tell the waiter about his diet plan and ask for this food to be left off and that food replaced and could he not have it fried but steamed.

As I said earlier, ‘What a complete w*****. Not only that, he was a miserable ******. Fretting over every mouthful of food he consumed and not enjoying the evening.

To be fair, it isn’t a bad idea when you’re eating out to ask if you can have healthier versions of a dish and make a few swaps. But come on, I’m surprised he didn’t bring a flask of the soup and just ask for an empty bowl and spoon.

Count Calories

As the night went on and wine flowed (I didn’t go home sober after all), my husband had renamed him Count Calories. And to this day I couldn’t tell you what his real name is. I’ll always remember him as Count Calories.

It wasn’t as if there was a load of food anyway. The food was delicious but very ornate and with lots of the plate still exposed. You know I seem to remember my husband dragging me into a McDs afterwards (shock, horror, shhh I never told you that).

Square Peg in a Round Hole

So why do you never stick to your diet plan? It’s because diets don’t fit into your lifestyle or allow any flexibility to your schedule. They aren’t easy to stick to or even designed to be stuck to for any length of time.

Life happens and the last minute invitation arrives, or you get offered a cake mid-morning when you’re ravenous.

Eat Cottage Cheese on Day 3

Diets are restrictive, and I’m not keen on cottage cheese anyhow. But the diet plan says I should have it on day 3 with a small baked potato. Oh but I’m out on a work’s function that night. Shall I not go to it?

I think what annoyed me about Count Calories was he’d had known about the 40th party weeks beforehand and still chose to start a strict diet plan that weekend.

Surely he’d have been better to skip the bread rolls, shared the dessert with the Countess, passed on the popcorn and maybe only have one glass of wine.

Then the next day he could have made some healthier choices and watched his portion sizes. No need for the restrictive diet.

Diet plans are like trying to fit a square peg into your round hole lifestyle. When I finally got my head around this and stopped dieting that was when I took control and was able to lose the weight and maintain it. Read part of my weight loss story here.

Dieting Made Easy

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Lucy G x

Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach

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