Strict Dieting isn’t Needed

No need for a stick Diet

Strict Dieting Not Needed

What’s your favourite ice cream?

Have you ever found yourself scanning all the ice cream choices lined up in rows under a transparent cover in an ice cream parlour? Rum and raisin, mint chocolate chip, tutti fruity, caramel, double chocolate chip…

I end up feeling pressured to make my mind up as there’s usually a huge line of people behind me. All eyes on me thinking, ‘Oh come on you’ve had enough time already.’

‘Vanilla please, in a small tub.’ I blurt out.

Why am I talking to you about ice cream when all you want to know is why a strict diet isn’t needed? Well, it’s because I think strict dieting sucks and there is a better way for you to lose weight.

Eat Ice Cream and Enjoy it

Yeah, you heard me right. If you’re going to have what you consider a ‘treat’, then you better savour it and enjoy every single mouthful.

I was on holiday by the sea when I found myself in the ice cream shop. I also drank more wine than I usually would and ate more fries than I’d eaten in the last four months.

I never ordered them, they came with everything. And if I asked for a salad instead, I’d end up picking at the kids leftover fries. Not my husband’s, ’cause he never has any leftovers.

Relax a little you’re on Holiday

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t just think to hell with it, I’m on holiday so I can eat what the heck I want. But as I said I did enjoy a scoop of the local creamy dairy Ice cream.

Did I have a triple scoop topped with cream, nuts, drizzled with raspberry sauce and a chocolate flake? No, because I didn’t want to have to listen to the conversation in my head afterwards.

The one where I’d have a rant at myself for being greedy, and then tell myself to eat less at dinner which of course I wouldn’t. Hence only one scoop of ice cream. You ever do this?

All those Little Extras Add up

Those little extras here and there ended up on my waist. For me, that’s where the fat heads first. Not on my hips or butt but it slaps itself around my waist.

Did I want to get home after my holiday and start a restrictive diet? No, of course, I didn’t.

What I usually eat is mostly healthy, and I can maintain my weight easily. So what I did was make a few adjustments to my usual diet.

Which meant, a strict diet wasn’t needed. Therefore, I needed minimal willpower as I wasn’t making any huge changes or banning any foods for long periods. I’ve written about this before Why You Can Never Stick to Your Diet.

Weight Loss Swaps

As a general rule to lose a pound of fat in a week, you need to reduce your diet by 3500 calories. That’s 500 calories a day. This can vary as we all have different metabolisms, activity levels and other factors that can affect our weight loss.

But generally speaking, to lose weight we all know we have to eat fewer calories than we burn.

So rather than go on a strict diet I tweaked my usual diet by 500 calories a day and upped my activity so after 2 weeks, bye-bye 2 pounds of fat, yay! Below are some of the swaps I made.

FoodSwapsCalories Saved
Starbucks whole milk Latte tall (12 fl oz)Starbucks skimmed milk Latte tall (12 fl oz)70
Starbucks Full Fat tall Late (Peppermint tea175
Large bananaSmall banana50
Red Wine large glass of (250ml)Red Wine small glass (125ml)95
Multigrain Hoops (60g)Multigrain Hoops (30g)110
Wholemeal bread thick 2 sliceWholemeal bread 2 thin slice95
Wholemeal bread thick 2 slice4 rice cakes100
Wholemeal bread thick 2 slicepitta bread45
Pasta (208g) cooked weightBaked potato (220g)145
Tortilla chips (50g)Pretzels (40g)100
Omelette 3 eggs, 30g cheeseOmelette 2 eggs, 20g cheese160
Mayonnaise (light) 2 tbspMayonnaise (light) 1 tbsp45
Lamb steak (104g)Skinless chicken breast (95g)100
Naked snack barAlpen cereal bar light65
Dark Chocolate 4 squaresDark Chocolate 2 squares85
Greek yoghurt (125g))Low fat Fruit yoghurt (125g)95
Raisins (30g)Blueberries (40g)65
Sweet and Sour Pork take away (250g)Szechuan Prawns (340g)160

Portion sizes

You can see how making a few switches here and there, can soon add up to 500 calories. Some of the swaps aren’t for different foods but just a matter of measuring out my mayo instead of dolloping it on the side of my plate. Take a look later at How Serving Sizes Helped me Lose Weight.

I could have suggested swapping spaghetti for spiralized courgette or using cauliflower rice instead of rice, both will save calories. But, for me, these aren’t tweaks to my usual diet. Why? ‘Cause I’ve only used the spiralizer twice since I bought it last year and haven’t gotten around to making cauliflower rice yet.

The problem with following a restrictive diet far removed from your usual foods is it does something to our brains. Well, I can’t speak for you, but that’s what happens to me. I start to crave the foods I’m ‘not allowed’.

This way works if you stick to your usual diet making a few adjustments that add up to 500 calories. If your diet’s not as healthy as it could be then read this post An Easy Guide to Starting a Healthy Eating Plan.

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Lucy G x

Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach

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