Why you should set September Resolutions

September Resolutions

September Resolutions

Last summer I was lounging on a sunbed, sipping an ice-cold Strawberry Daiquiri and taking in the view while flicking through a magazine when I came across this question.

What bit of advice would you tell your younger self?

OMG, that’s easy don’t date Daniel Stubbs, he was such a creep, what did I ever see in him? I moved onto another article, How to Improve your Relationships followed by Your Best Beach Body on a Budget!

After ditching the mag I found myself pondering on that question. What bit of advice would you tell your younger self?

Here’s what I came up with

Don’t diet. Seriously, that’s what I came up with.

You see, I spent so many years either being on a diet or about to start one ‘on Monday’, I realised I’d wasted all that time and energy.

Time and energy I could have spent doing something more enjoyable. Hanging out with family and friends more or enjoying a hobby. It was as if dieting had become my hobby, my way of life.

When I finally stopped dieting my attitude changed; I introduced some healthy eating habits, and it all became a new way of life, not a diet.

The reason I’m telling you this to let you know I get why it’s so hard for you to lose your weight. How does this relate to setting New Year Resolutions in September? Let me explain.

Resolutions are like Goals

For me, the end of the school summer hols is an opportunity for a fresh start. A time to focus and reset my goals, even more so than waiting until January to set New Year resolutions.

During your summer break, you get more time to pay proper attention to your thoughts and mull them over in more detail.

And if you’re like me, before you know it, you’ve organised your life right up until Christmas. Starting when the kids go back to school as you’re jolted back into a routine, hence September resolutions.

I stopped setting New Year resolutions ages ago; they were never very imaginative anyhow. The same old predictable goals appeared on my list.

No prizes for guessing, lose weight and get fit were right there at the top. I’m not dismissing them they’re good goals, but then I realised those goals should be a way of life.

More to the point, New Year resolutions were an excuse to pig out over Christmas cause I was going to sort it come January 1st. Take a look at Why I never Start a Diet in January.

Start Your Resolutions Now

Start setting weight loss goals now and by Christmas, you’ll be rockin that LBD. Goals help you focus, and you should review and reset them regularly.

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What are you waiting for, start NOW!

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Lucy G x


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September Weight Loss Resolutions