How to Eat Better and turn Everyday Food into Superfood

How to Eat Better

How to Eat Better

Do you want to know how to eat better? Imagine if you could dramatically increase all the nutrients in your everyday foods. How great would that be for you, your kids, and the family and friends you cook for?

Well according to James Wong, author of ‘How to Eat Better‘ you can. And it’s easily done by just tweaking how you, ‘Select, Store and Cook‘ your food.

My dad bought me this book ’cause he knows I love nutrition (obviously, hence this blog) and I enjoy cooking recipes that maintain as many of the nutrients as possible.

Who doesn’t want to fuel their body with delicious nutrient-rich food to help boost their energy levels and optimise their health?

Backed by Science

James describes himself as a plant scientist with a lifelong food fixation. He supports his advice with science and refers to various studies throughout the book.

But don’t let that put you off as he keeps it simple and to the point. Hey, you can even skip the science bit if you want. You can purchase the book by clicking on the links, and I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

How to Eat Better is split into four sections, How to make any food a ‘superfood’. And then it groups the food by Vegetables, Fruit and Storecupboard. You’ll see it’s an easy book to navigate.

James squeezes all the complicated stuff out of the geek talk, and you’re left with an easy to follow guide on ‘How to Eat Better‘.

This book is packed full of scrumptious looking recipes, useful tips and information on how to nutritionally boost your everyday healthy ingredients.

Advice Like..

Apples – pick the reddest in the crate as they give you more phytonutrients. What are phytonutrients? They are chemicals produced by plants that benefit your health when you eat them.

Salad leaves – ‘calories for calorie they are the most nutrient dense of all the veg and fruit..’ The deeper green varieties generally contain more vitamins, mineral and phytonutrients.

Broccoli – to help maintain nutrients broccoli is best stored in a sealed bag and kept refrigerated.

Tomatoes – even when picked they carry on ripening and producing more nutrients, but as they are a subtropical fruit, this only happens if you store them out of the fridge.

Also picking cherry tomatoes over the larger regular ones gives you more flavonols. Flavonols can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Pasta – when eaten cooked and chilled has fewer calories and a lower GI. For more information about The Glycemic Index and Weight Management click here.

Spinach – cook spinach for a few minutes and its vitamin A levels increase.

Chocolate – some studies have shown cocoa powder mixed into a drink can improve facial skin elasticity.


I made the One-Pot Mac & Cheese for dinner last week, it’s packed full of vegetables and was very tasty. I gave myself a pat on the back for feeding my kids all that veg in one sitting.

My only slight criticism is the portion size of this dish. If you’ve read How Serving Sizes helped me Lose Weight, you’ll know I’m careful with my portions.

However, on the plus side, it meant I had leftovers for the next day and reheating chilled cooked pasta can lower its GI value even further.

Please share this post with you friends and family so they can gain the benefits of boosting the nutrients in their everyday healthy recipes.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment; I do like to hear from you. I’m off to make myself a hot chocolate.

Lucy G x

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  1. Food is medicine and we are what we digest, so I’m always interested in making a food a superfood. I’m living proof what what eating healthy food can do for you. It gave me my health back. I’d also add to your list to shop for organic, so you’re not eating all of the added pesticides. Thanks for the post.

    • I agree Teresa food is a great medicine. I’d love to hear more about your story and how you gained your health back. I’ll head over to Living Natural Today to read more. 😀

      • Thanks! My diet has changed drastically over the past few years. Today, I’ve ditched processed food and eat as much real, organic food as possible. I also stay away from sugars and gluten. In addition to other things I’ve had to do to regain my health, diet has been huge!

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