10 things I do to get back on track

Getting back on track for weight loss

Getting back on Track after your Diet Blow Out

When was the last time you had a serious blowout? I mean a full on possessed eating binge.

Was it after a few large glasses of Sauvignon Blanc with your mates, then on the way home you diverted the Uber to pick up prawn crackers, fried rice and sweet and sour pork balls?

Or maybe it was as you sat binge-watching the box set you’d just downloaded. You got that urge to snack, “Hmm not sure if I’m in a savoury or a sweet mood?” You ponder on this as you head to the kitchen.

Bam, before you know it you’ve munched your way through 3 packets of crisps, there’s an empty box of cookies screwed up in the bin and the sound of popcorn popping in the microwave.

Or it could have been during a long weekend away catching up with family, eating out, shopping, eating out, a couple of G&Ts and more eating out.

Move on

Yeah well, it’s done now, so no point crying over spilt milk and definitely no need to dunk any more cookies into that milk.

It’s time to stop, pause and reset.

Here are 10 things I do to get myself back on track, not just for my diet but I also use these to get me in the right space to meet my fitness goals.

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1. Pamper myself

I’m not a bath person, more of a quick shower kinda gal, but I find a long soak in a bubble bath with my hair in a top knot drenched in rich conditioner gives me time to pause and focus.

The pampering continues with a facial exfoliation, slapping on loads of body lotion and a manicure. I’ll even stick on a nose strip to unclog my pores if there’s any hanging around the bathroom.

Odd that this is called a beauty routine ’cause trust me, I don’t look great. No makeup, red face, nose strip…  but I feel great afterwards.

I suppose it is literally a cleansing ritual. After putting in all that time and effort into myself why would I want to ruin it by eating more crap? It’s a clean slate, a fresh start.

2. Read a Health Magazine

No time to pamper yourself? You wish! Well pick up a health magazine and flick through an article or two to find some inspiration; a healthier alternative to your trigger food; the latest exercise craze or a recipe that you like the look of.

3. Plan my meals for the next week

Starting with that magazine recipe, plan out your dinners and healthy snacks for the week. Prepping helps you stay focused and avoid mindlessly grabbing unhealthy meals and snacks.

4. Meditate

There’s been lots of research into the benefit of meditatingand I do feel relaxed after a 10-minute session, and all set for the day.

Meditation isn’t something I regularly do, I have to confess. I’ve read the books and downloaded the apps, but I’m still working it into my routine.

There’s no ‘Ommming‘ or heavy breathing, I just sit still acknowledging my thoughts and then try to let them drift away….

Yeah, as you can tell, I’m probably not the best instructor, check this book out, it’s where I started; The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness.

5. Exercise

Exercise releases your happy hormones as well as burning calories and keeping you toned and supple. Don’t fancy a sweaty session at the gym?Then go for a brisk walk to clear the cobwebs.

6. Stay Mindful

Don’t wolf your food down. Slow down and enjoy every mouthful. This way you should eat less.

7. Make a to list

Make a to-do list to get back on track. You already have 6 items to put on it.

8. Portion Control

This is an easy way to take control back and not feel overwhelmed by having to start another strict diet.

Keep scales nearby when preparing food or use measuring cups for breakfast cereal, rice and pasta. Just under I cup of pasta is 1 serving for me. Use a smaller plate or bowl to help control portion size. For more tips on portion control read Serving Sizes and Weight Loss.

9. Gratitude

Be thankful and appreciate all the things you do have in your life. It may sound daft but give it a go it helps me switch a negative mindset to a positive one.

I’m grateful for my health, my family, my car, the money in my purse, of course, but I also make myself acknowledge the smaller items we take for granted like a flushing toilet, a shower, a TV, the toaster, toothpaste.

10. Listen to music

Put your favourite playlist on, turn the volume up and see how your mood and motivation goes up a notch or two.

These are all positive actions to reset my focus and get me back on track. What do you do to get your head straight after a blowout?

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